WiFi AP Setting Issue

Management VLAN ID

I keep getting this message when I change my AP settings.

AP > Setting > AP Settings > Management VLAN ID > here is where I select the VLAN in which I would like to use for my WiFi. Why am I getting this message and how do I correct it?

Your WiFi vlan is set up with the individual ssids. It looks like you are trying to change the Ethernet vLan, which if done incorrectly can leave the AP unreachable. The AP will tag the packets on the way in and send them down the wire with the tag. Make sure the other end of that Ethernet goes to a trunk port (one that can accept both tagged and untagged packets). VLans can be tricky - best of luck sir.

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Tricky indeed. I will read up on Trunk vs Access but in your own words (simply put) what is the difference between the two?

I have a VLAN set up with ethernet only and I have it set to Access. Do I need to change it to Trunk? If so why?

A simple to the point explanation will do.

Your favorite search engine is your friend. For example …
https://www.n-able.com/blog/vlan-trunking and

Peplink implements these concepts in a manner consistent with the industry.

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I got the articles up on my screen. Looks promising. =D