Wifi and Windows 11 compatibility issues?

I have been having multiple issues accessing Peplink equipment over wifi since upgrading to Windows 11. Has anyone found a resolution so far and is Peplink even aware of the issue?
I have two PCs exact same specs and models from Dell, however, one is upgraded to Windows 11 and the other is on Windows 10. I’ve also matched the drivers for the intel wifi chips to ensure it wasn’t a driver issue. On the windows 10 pc the laptop connects via wifi without issues but on Windows 11 I just get the “can not connect to this network” or the “checking network requirements” message until it gives up.
I’ve replicated this issue on both the Max Br1 Mini LTE and the Max Transit Mini. I’ve also updated from 8.0.0 to the latest firmware of 8.1.3 on the peplinks and it still seems to be an issue. Does anyone out there have a Windows 11 PC that this is working fine for?

Just an update if I change the AP Security protocol from its default settings it seems to fix the issue. I’m going to test this with a few more pepwave units and report back

Wow, thanks for the update, I was just thinking of looking into the Windows upgrade but when I saw you post deceided to hold off for a while.

Lynn, I’ve tested this more… Windows 11 really doesn’t like the AP security policy set to WPA/WPA2 - Personal. If it is set to this Windows 11 just constantly fails to connect. The moment I change this to Open or even WPA2 - Personal things behave as expected.

It sucks that the default config from Pepwave no longer works well in Windows 11 but at least I have a workaround and continue to use these devices. Hopefully, Peplink will look into the issue and fix whatever is bugged here.