Wifi Access Point Decision

I have 3 AP AC Mini Hardware Revision 1. They are all still working great and I am having no issues; but I notice that it is in the “on the way out” as far as firmware support. The current beta firmware for these devices is “special” in that it seems to be pruning many of the new features back due to resource limitations specific to Revision 1. I have no complaints with the little guys – they did their duty and are due a retirement. I am sure I can find someone that needs some wifi gear - so, they will most likely be donated to a friend or family member.

My question is “what should I replace them with?”. I was looking at just getting the latest hardware revision, but from the outside - they are identical. From the web UI - they are identical. I couldn’t get over the fact that I would be spending money for an “upgrade”, but I wouldn’t see any performance gains. Yes, the pruned features would be available to me; but that is about it.

So, I started looking at other Peplink offerings. The problem I see with them is that I am lazy. All of my ethernet ports are on walls - so, wall mounts are definitely preferred. Again, I could run wires and go to a ceiling mount, but my laziness prevents this from happening.

Is there any plans for a wifi 6 enabled AP that is similar to size and mounting options as the AP AC One Mini? If something is on the horizon (next 6 months), I would happily wait for its release. If nothing can be confirmed - I may have to look outside of Peplink for other options.

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