WiFi 6 Access Points

Is there any information regarding WiFi 6 Access Points coming on the way? When can we expect to see products like MAX-HD4 integrated with WiFi-6 AP?

Hi Peplink Team,

I also get this question today…
There is shurely something on the roadmap, can you give us some details please?


WiFi 6 definitely in our plan. We will announce this when it is available!

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With WiFi 6 and 5G support, you need a higher throughput devices than what is there today. I wish to hear good news about it in the very near future. Also, you should consider Multi-Giga technology “mGig” to support 2.5 and 5 Gbps Ethernet interfaces on the Wired Interfaces of Balance/Max devices

Agreed. NBASE-T Ethernet (802.3bz) will become a big deal for large scale enterprise deployments and event wifi installs. Engineering should definitely keep an eye on that.

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