WI-Fi WAN Stuck on 'scanning'

When trying to us WI-FI WAN on my MAX-HD2 it get stuck on ‘scanning’ and never stops. Selecting different wi fi hotspots does nothing. Any ideas?

What does the event log say? Anything?

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No, because it does not trigger an event to log such as a connect or disconnect. Clicking on Connect to one of the WiFi spots and it doesn’t change anything, just keeps ‘scanning.’ Moving it from different priority levels doesn’t help either, nor does a reboot.

OK, I assume i has worked before? WIfi antennas connected properly? (its the two on the front right for WiFI WAN on a HD2 I think). What about country settings for the wifi? They set to the right region?

Suggest the next step is to grab a diagnostic and log a ticket for engineering to work out what happening.

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Not sure if this helps but I had the same problem with my SURF MK3. It turned out that it was due to my cellphone.

My cellphone’s hotspot would go to sleep after 2 minutes of inactivity. So I would turn it on and by the time I had my SURF’s Wi-Fi WAN 2.4Ghz configured and attempting to connect, the phone hotspot was sleeping.

In hindsight one last suggestion would be to disconnect 2.4Ghz clients from the router to minimize CPU/radio workload during initial configuration / Wi-Fi WAN connection attempt. After that works then try putting (isolating) the Wi-Fi WAN on 2.4Ghz and the clients on 5Ghz (or vice versa) to free up bandwidth/ improve performance.

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I am having the same issue as of today. The Wi-Fi as wan just says “Scanning…” It worked at home and at the first campground where I had a Wi-Fi connection, but since then (two different Wi-Fi connections from the the driveway), nothing.

I followed the advice by submitting a service ticket with the diagnostic report yesterday. How long does it take to get a response? I’m unable to work in the meantime and this very expensive device is quickly becoming useless to me if I can’t get connected to Wi-Fi WAN on a reliable basis.

Having paid for PrimeCare, I imagined there would be some urgency around solving my problems.

The Wi-Fi Network I am trying to connect to is set up for WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK which should not be an issue. I found one entry in the event log indicating that the shared key may be incorrect; however, I have check that and the key is correct.

@Tim_S or anyone on pepwave team. Please review and answer. I need to work.

It appears you have two threads going on the same issue. Hmmm.
Suggestion: Post the ticket number here. You’ll get an authoritative response faster from Peplink than about any other manufacturer. But don’t expect resolution instantly. You won’t be ignored. I promise. :wink:

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Hi Rick;
I thought starting a new thread might get better attention as this thread is a bit old and may have fallen off the radar. Also please note that I did search here and the knowledge base before submitting a ticket (which was the recommendation in this thread). HMMM

My ticket number is 20070384 and, other than a notice that it was set to low priority (HMMM), I have not received any feedback other than an auto reply.

I don’t expect immediate resolution, but an acknowledgement would be nice. Especially after paying for 5 years of PrimeCare in advance. Forgive the snarkiness, but with the cost of cellular data plans and few carriers even offering service for cellular routers, this is turning out to be an expensive gadget with a limited use case if I can’t also get it to connect to Wi-Fi WAN in a reliable way, every time.

Now, can we get to solving my connection issue?

@javier.reynaldos, we have picked the ticket and shall follow up with you via the ticket.

Base on the logs, we see the MAX Transit Wi-Fi WAN failing to connect is due to WPA key mismatch, as the message appears in the Event Log. More details updated in the ticket.

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