Wi-Fi WAN Scanning, doesn't find any Wireless Networks

Pepwave MAX HD2 firmware 7.1.0 build 3433 (same issue on firmware 7.0.1 build 2988)

When trying to setup a Wi-Fi WAN connection the device scans for networks constantly but none ever appear in the Wireless Networks pop up window and the Wi-Fi Connection Profile I manually created never connects either.

All antennas are connected to the Pepwave including the 2 WAN antennas in the front of the device.

My phone and laptop both show a number of available SSID’s and can successfully connect to the Wi-Fi network I manually entered into the Pepwave (the one I want to use as Wi-Fi WAN).

The Pepwave is able to generate a Wi-Fi network of its own. The Pepwave also has a wired WAN connection and a 4G cellular connection.

Other interesting behavior: If I drag the Wi-Fi WAN connection down to “Disabled” or a lower priority, it pops back up to Priority 1 after a few seconds and continues “Scanning…” This behavior is happening in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and IE.

Please provide the screenshot of your Wifi WAN settings.

I didn’t find the similar issue from my HD2. May I know it pops back to Priority 1 forever or it will pop back to Disabled after certain of times?

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Hi TK,
It always pops back to Priority 1 no matter where I drag it and no matter how many times I try.

Here’s a screen record of the behavior:

This is strange. Please open ticket for us to take a closer look. Please include this forum link as a reference when you open ticket.


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Hi Benjamin,

WiFi-as-WAN won’t find any networks when the router is in AP/AP mode.
This is configured in AP -> Settings -> AP Profile.

The second issue of not being able to disable or change priority for the WiFi-as-WAN connection is actually a bug. IN AP/AP mode WiFi-as-WAN connection should be disabled.
Our developers will implement a solution in the next firmware…
Are you planning on using WiFi-as-WAN? If so please change the AP settings to WAN /AP mode.

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