Wi-Fi Router plus support for multiple subnets

I would like to configure several firewalled subnets in my home, behind a single WAN (Verizon Fios). Can I use the SUS-SOHO-T for this? For example:

192.168.1.x business (wire)
192.168.2.x family (wire, Wi-Fi)
192.168.3.x guests (Wi-Fi separate SSID)

If not just this product, what other product(s) would I need?

I have a Peplink Balance One Core and a Peplink Balance 30. I recently replaced the Balance 30 with the Balance One Core.

If you are wanting an all-in-one solution, go with the Peplink Balance One (not Core) – it has dual band wifi built in. It supports port based vlan for your wired devices. The wifi AP functions also provide Vlan/SSID relationships and configurations. If the area you are wanting covered is small (one AP will do) - Go with the Balance One. If you have a multiple AP scenario - go with the Balance One Core and a handful of the AC One Minis. I run them and have great success.

One caveat – the wifi Vlanning is cake. If you have multiple “groups” of wired devices - you will need some other managed switch that understands Vlan tagging to completely isolate devices. And another caveat – some devices are designed to ONLY talk to other devices inside their own broadcast domain. I ended up removing some segregation between wifi and wired networks because my TVs are wired and my client devices are wifi. If a service discovery is performed by multicast group broadcasts – your mileage may vary. YouTube on iPhone will NOT discover a Samsung TV (without using a connector code/app) on a separate VLan.

Good luck buddy. I do NOT work for Peplink, but I like their products and enjoy helping others. What the Peplink folks say trumps anything that I spew out. :slight_smile:

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jmjones - Thanks! I had no idea the Balance One supported Wi-Fi (no antennas on the enterprise routers products picture :slight_smile: so I didn’t even open the specs page and went just to SOHO networking. Thanks for pointing that out, I will look at the Balance One.