Wi-Fi probing API



Hi Team,

could you add more data to “Get a device’s Wi-Fi probing data” API? Every data would be useful - if IC2 or the device itself gathers any other probing info, please add it to the API. I am working on ‘fingerprint’ localization app that relies on RSSI and other available variables.

Also, the timestamp column is empty in every report, that I download. Could you please fix it?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Another question:
Can I collect the same data from APs controlled by AP Controller? If not, can I get it collectively for all APs from AP controller?
I can’t see any RSSI info in Web Admin’s Event Log… maybe IC2 collects such data?


Do you think Air Probe will help? Below is the report from Air Probe.


Air Probe would be extremely helpful but I am preparing the localization tool for locations that already have AP Mini and Enterprise installed. I will definitely think about it if the tool based on AP probing works fine - data from Air Probe could give us more accurate location forecast.