Wi-Fi planning & site survey tool


Hi Team,

Do you offer a tool for wifi Acces Point planning and site survey?!


Hello @hentati ,
There are many commercial available solutions of varying options and capabilities you can get, due to the vast variety of these out there (and many well established solutions), it would be silly of Peplink to waver from there key focuses for their development teams.

You can do (and most likely already have done) a search in your favourite search engine for “Wi-Fi Planning Tools”. Costs of tools vary from free to over $75kUS (as does the quality and results they deliver). It all depends on what you need, for our business we use a mixture of multiple systems from multiple vendors (some free & most paid for), depending on the project depends on whose solution is most suitable and sometimes we will have to mix the solutions. Some tools are software based, some are hardware based, and some are a mixture of both hardware & software.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: