Wi-Fi Mesh Problem: AP not seeing Mesh ID from router/AP

Running the latest Firmware on AP One AX and SurfSoho. SSID and radio settings are managed by IC2.
Attempting to manage the Mesh settings in the devices.
The SurfSoho has under AP Mesh Settings defined a mesh identity using 5 Ghz
The AP One AX under AP Mesh Settings is not showing a mesh identity to connect with.
The AP has been factory reset.
My Peplink vendor has been unable to figure this out.
Thanks ahead.

I have been told that the SurfSoho Mrk III doesn’t support Mesh. Can anyone confirm this?

Wireless Mesh is supported for SOHO MK3.

Seen you have problem on this and yourPeplink vendor unable to figure for the issue , can you please open a support ticket to allow support team to check on this ?