Wi-Fi configuration update function - inControl

We are found that under certain circumstances (after group firmware update, for example) WiFi configuration from inControl will not correctly synchronised with all controlled devices (HD4 in current case). So after firmware updated, all seems to be OK with WiFi SSIDs and credentials from inControl perspective, but actually there is no access for clients using HD4 WiFi coverage. This problem can be solved redefining all WiFi networks (deleting and making a new with same SSID and credentials) again. Nevertheless, this is quite uncomfortable for system admin, especially when there are several options (tokens, access restrictions and so on) that should remain active and untouched when creating a SSID again.
Please consider adding a respective tool button under inControl WiFi management page, so one could just push a button “Reload WiFi configuration to all devices”, which would run a script that will remove current SSID(s) from all controlled units and redefine them again with last settings.

Do you mean SSIDs and login credentials were synced with InControl2, all SSIDs were visible to the client. But client unable to associate with the SSIDs? If so, this is strange and not expected. We never encounter this before. InControl2 will always ensure the config is synced with the managed devices.

Possible to replicate the issue and let us investigate? If so, please help to open ticket.

Thank you.

Yes, SSID is visible, but clients are not able to get connectivity. BTW, this problem is only when WPA2 is enabled, another SSID without any encryption does not suffer this. As any test would cause loss of connectivity for clients, it is really difficult to find a suitable timeframe for replicate. But if this problem will happen again (it is actually happened twice for last 4 months) I will open ticket.