Wi-Fi broadcast

Feature request:
Is it possible to only let the MAX-BR1 broadcast Wi-Fi when it has cellulair connection? When the MAX-BR1 only has the FBB available the MAX-BR1 should not broadcast Wi-Fi.

Let me know what you guys think about this Wi-Fi WAN Broadcasting feature.


Look like you need the wireless client to access internet via cellular connection only. Can I suggest to split the wired and wireless client into 2 Vlans, then enforced the Vlan for wireless client to cellular WAN only?


Hi TK,

I did figure out a workaround for my customers problem. It may come in handy if there is a possibility just to select that Wi-Fi is enforced to use for example Cellular WAN. I do not know if this technically possible without creating VLANS?

I do not know if the Peplinks can make a distinction between UTP traffic and Wi-Fi traffic.