Why is Ireland in my active session?

Been seeing this IP in active sessions list ( it’s from Ireland. Made a rule and it’s off the hook.

Anyone have a clue on this one?

From the screenshot, a PC inside your LAN ( is trying to access to remote web server ( on port tcp/80. This is a web traffic. Your outbound firewall access rule is blocking this traffic. IP address is belonging to Amazon.

Do you want to block this traffic ? It this your requirement ?


Thank You for the response

I have blocked it. I just don’t understand why a IP from Ireland is doing this. It just started.

The “source” is the PC inside your LAN ( initiating these sessions, not an IP from Ireland. This is seen in the event log as your “outbound” firewall rule is blocking this traffic from on the LAN.

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Thank You for the reply

I’m trying to figure out what’s doing this. It’s from my MacBook Pro.

Found it.
It’s from the Ivideon app. From a security cam. That I use.
It never did this before.

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