Why cant I see the SSID on one laptop...but other 3 I can?


I have a Max BR1 MK2. Its not the first time I have these units up. However I cant see the SSID on one of companies laptops. Its only about 6 weeks old and runs Windows 10. I can see many wifi access points on this laptop but not the Pepwave. I have 3 other laptops both on windows 7 and 10. There are 4 phones both iphones and androids that can see the SSID. Its just this one laptop. Any ideas? Seems like a laptop problem but odd it can see a dozen or so other SSID’s in the area. Suggestions greatly appreciated.


Hi Sailguy,
Looking at the Microsoft blog this seems to be an issue for some with Windows 10. A link to one of the fixes is pasted below.


Thank you