Why are some Outbound Policy rules not syncing from IC2 to the router?

Router is Transit Duo. Outbound Policy is managed by IC2 and most rules sync correctly. For example, SaaS rules.

However, I have some Rules which use “Source: MAC Address” or “Source: IP Address” and these do not sync to the Transit Duo (they don’t appear at all). I can manually configure an identical Outbound Policy Rule directly on the Transit Duo itself, but this means I can’t use IC2 to manage Outbound Policies. This wouldn’t be the worst thing, except SaaS rules can’t be configured on the Transit Duo.

I do see in the router event log that IC2 rules are syncing, but I can’t tell why some rules are ignored or dropped. There isn’t an error message or warning on IC2 or the event log.

Please create a support ticket and send us the device’s s/n. We will check it up for you.