Why am I missing bandwidth restrictions for Wifi as WAN and Cellular connections?

Max Transit MAX-TST-GLTE-G-T-PRM running 8.2.0

I cannot set download/upload bandwidth restrictions on Cellular or Wifi-as-WAN connections, only the wired Ethernet connection. Is there a particular reason for this?

I would like to be able to forcibly mitigate some congestion latency issues on cellular and Starlink. Also, my Speedfusion profiles would be infinitely more useful if I could keep the links somewhat in line with each other latency wise. Right now, if I push AT&T beyond about 8Mbps the latency rises to around 900ms (from a much more reasonable 65ms) while Starlink is happy until about 80Mbps before it jumps to around 250ms.

I didn’t see anything useful in support.cgi related to this either. (Bufferbloat mitigation is ON)

Need to expose these settings via the blue question mark on the Cellular config:

Bufferbloat mitigation acts on the WANs directly, not the PepVPN profile. You might want to experiment with the latency cutoff values on the Speedfusion profile, again look at some of the blue question marks, there are buttons hidden underneath them.

I’ve long wanted a way to apply limits to each link within the PepVPN tunnel though, an overall bandwidth limit is useful for some setups but like you I’d quite like to be able to just rate limit the individual paths within the PepVPN bundle.

Using dynamic weighted bonding might also be worth investigating, I have had good results with it when using a combination of Starlink and cellular.

thats a good feature request but are you sure you can’t set individual link bandwidth somewhere in incontrol for speedfusion?