Whitepaper - 5G Wireless SD-WAN with Peplink 2019 Edition


5G - Catching the Next Big Wave

5G is just getting started, and already, over 30 5G-smartphones have already been scheduled for release in 2019. And over 20 carriers worldwide have announced support for this standard.

As these opportunities draw nearer, I.T decision makers are asking themselves:
- Is it time for me to invest in 5G devices?
- How can I help futureproof my organization’s network?

This whitepaper helps Peplink customers get ready for the 5G network and introduce our range of brand new 5G-era flagships featuring an innovative modular platform architecture for different use cases. Topics covered include:

  • Current Status of 5G
  • The Promise of 5G
  • LImitations of 5G
  • Applying SD-WAN Technology to 5G
  • Peplink’s Brand New 5G-era flagship products

Whitepaper - 5G Wireless SD-WAN with Peplink.pdf (3.93MB)


For a more interactive experience, we have also organized a [Webinar] 5G Wireless SD-WAN - Prepare for the 5G Future with Peplink . This webinar will help you understand this whitepaper more easily, so register now.


[Webinar] 5G Wireless SD-WAN - Prepare for the 5G Future with Peplink (APAC / AU / AF / EU region)

  • Wednesday, Jun 5, 2019
  • 3-4 PM Singapore | 5-6 PM Sydney | 9-10 AM Johannesburg | 8-9 AM London
  • View in your time zone

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[Webinar Jun-6, 2019] 5G Wireless SD-WAN - Prepare for the 5G Future with Peplink (US region)

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“This paper aims to help Peplink customers get ready for the 5G network.”

EE in the UK is launching the UK tomorrow in 5 cities - their PR will drive a lot of calls about when the Peplink 5G solution will be released.
Do you have any estimations of when we will be able to start selling Peplink 5G kit that’s UK/EU 5G compatible?

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Hi Rory,

Peplink already has 5G Ready devices available with more on the way to build 5G solutions. The “full kit” with 5G compatible adapters will depend on the global supply chains’ readiness and adaptation of standards per region. We will discuss solutions during the webinar to get near 5G performance today
while the market matures more fully.

Please keep the questions coming and we will try to address it during the Webinar’s Q&A for all participants. Thank you.