Whitelisting of operators

With MAX devices, we have the possibility to force the connectivity on a specific network.

I would find really useful to have the possibility to load a list of white(black)-listed operators to connect to per modem. This will allow a better spread of network use with roaming cards (tending to always use the same preferred partner), to blacklist very bad networks or costly ones and to blacklist entire countries that might not be covered by the roaming plan of the simcard.

We would get the option on the network SIM menu to have : auto, manual or list-based.

We have the similar feature which to be available on v7.1.0. Anyway, we are whitelisting based on MCC code. Do you think this helps?

Sounds great!

I’d propose to pre-test it (as well asa few colleagues from other companies looking at this post) because the way it will be implemented will highly influence its usefulness.