Which Sprint Sim should I use for Max BR1 Mk2

Hi, I’ve just bought a Max BR1 Mk2. Still waiting for it to arrive but have set up a Sprint account for it. On the telephone with Sprint they told me the Sim code was 760492036429. I went to the Sprint store and they told me they didn’t have that card, but the 4-in-1 sim kit would have the right card as those are the only 4 sims they sell (although they had a whole binder of individual cards). The kit has A (SIMOLW506C), B (SIMOLW416Q), C (SIMOLW506TQ), and D (SIMOLW516TQ) and they swore that one of these would work and when I did activation they will tell me the right one to use. Given that I’ve already been on the phone with Sprint for an hour and a half to get to the 760492036429 number and set up that account, I am skeptical.

Can anyone tell me the correct part number so I can make sure I have, or get the correct sim?

Thanks much!