Which router with cellular to replace Sonicwall


I currently have a Sonicwall and was going to put a BR2 (or Max Transit Duo if I can’t wait for BR2 release) on it’s secondary WAN port for failover.

I’m rethinking that and now would like to just take the Sonicwall out of play.

I was looking at the Balance 310 5G, but it only has one 5G radio. Do any of the Balance units (which I assume would be closest to my Sonicwall) have dual 5G radios?

Also, for the cell antennas. I think I’ll probably have a 100’ foot run (could be a bit more) to get to an external spot to put the cell antennas. What type of cable is recommended to run that distance to minimize signal loss? Any recommended MIMO antennas for that router?


Additional question.

I will also need to have about 24 ports on a separate VLAN. I will need POE for at least 16 of these.

What managed switch is best to pair to give me 24 ports of POE to be running on VLAN 2?

Peplink has all their products on their website. You can see which models are dual / multi- modem. The only one that is not there that was just announced is the Max BR2 which is dual radio 5G.

100 feet is a lot… I’d shorten that in half or even 1/4 if at all possible. LMR400 for that shorter 25-50 feet. Is this a boat? Building? Rural? Some more info is needed to give advice. A dome solution might be a better option for you and Peplink is working to release a “remote modem” option I think.

Peplink and Poynting have several antenna options. Which antenna depends on your application which you have not shared.

As for switch, plenty of options, peplink and non-peplink. You don’t mention what power is needed per port or in total so hard to give any advice…

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I’ve sent you a PM with a suggestion that if you are in the USA you may wish to phone me. I’m concerned that what you want to do may need “some work.” For one thing, the length of your transmission line is a non-starter. We would not even use 1.25" hard line for that distance, much less a semi-flexible cable e.g., LMR 400, 600, or 900.
The questions about antennas and switch are not difficult. I really think your questions suggest a phone conversation. If that does not work for you please say so and we’ll work through your options here.

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Hello @William_Evans,
For your requirements, it may be best to work them out with an experienced Peplink Partner.
If you can let the forum know which country you are in, then, as @Rick-DC has done, someone locally may be more suitable.
FYI I am based in Australia and do RF systems throughout the Oceanic region (and a price) in the industrial, maritime, enterprise, rural, construction and essential services industries.

At over 100 feet (in metic, about 30.48 meters), not only do you need to use a cable more like Heliax, you also need to be using a suitably matched high-performance antenna(s) and RF components with matched surge protection. The professional range of Pepelink|Pepwave routers with Cat18 and above modems (including the 5G series) all have four (4) antenna connections per modem. So an MBX HD2 5G or MAX BR2 Pro (due later 2022) has eight (8) connections. If you look at an MBX HD4 5G, it has sixteen (16) connections. We design specialists and customised RF solutions for these; you cannot simply split and share the signal.

Hopefully, you can see that it will be worth engaging an experience Peplink Partner for your solution. Most of the best Peplink Partners hang out here in the Peplink Community Forum, assisting where they can. Though there is a point where using a specialist will result in a more suitable outcome (and yes, an experience Peplink Partner Specialist does come at a cost).

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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Thanks all for the replies. A similar setup I did I ran CAT 6 with POE injector and installed a cellular enabled peplink, in IP passthrough mode, so that it was within 2 meters of the antenna, so from the responses above, I can see that approach is clearly going to be how to proceed in this new installation.

Thanks for the help.

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