Which product would be best?

Hey guys I am looking at some of the peplink stuff because nothing seems to work correctly in our house. We have two internet connection one DSL and one Cable. Can you combine those two and load balance them with the 20 or 30? Or is it possible to have one on always and then one go on when the other goes off. I would also like the ability to prioritize traffic to certain IPs and manage outside of the house.

We also need some new wireless access points as our house is large and not very friendly to wireless signals. Would the AP one work with the balance 30 or 310 (setting them up individually)?

Do the AP’s only operate in the 2.4 GHz band? The 2.4 GHz band is relatively full in my house and gets a lot of interference.


Yes, with a Peplink Balance, you can use both links at the same time, and have them back each other up in case one fails, all done automatically by Peplink - that is the beauty of our product. Balance 20/30 is great for home use.

Top it off with a couple of AP One should do well for your house - with our TruePower RF technology, AP One gives you 5 times the power, I am pretty confident it will give you a better signal than other solutions.

And yes, AP One operates on 2.4GHz, for 5Ghz we have AP One mini, but does your smart phone support 5Ghz as well?

Good point about the phone as it only supports 2.4 GHz.

I was unsure about the lack of web blocking and user groups bandwidth control on the balance 20/30. I feel like those would be fairly important features for me. For example on my current linksys router I have the ability to block names of websites not just the IP addresses, which is a fairly common feature. Moreover, I need to be able to control the amount of bandwidth for each IP address or user on the network so the second feature is also important to me. This is the main reason I am buying the product so that I can

  1. Load balance two connections and set one as backup
  2. Limit bandwidth for certain users
  3. Block websites
  4. Improve wireless signal

Let me know if there is a way around these features or something else.

Also can the access points specifically the one x (which I believe is worthy to be outdoors) be configured to repeat an AP One that is inside the house so that there is a good signal outdoors as well. However, I do not have the required connections outside so that is why it needs to be a repeated signal.

Does this system have remote management so I can manage it while I am away from home?


Got you.

  1. Load balance two connections and set one as backup - certainly with Peplink Balance.
  2. Limit bandwidth for certain users and 3) Block websites - when it comes to sending off traffic to multiple WAN links simultaneous, this gets advanced - these two features are on Balance 380 or above only.
  3. Improve wireless signal - with AP One yes I am pretty confident you will get a better signal than other solution.
  4. Remote management - yes you can allow web admin page access from the WAN side - if we do not have static IP on WAN we can use dynamic DNS to “translate” the dynamic IP to a hostname.
  5. WDS - AP One X can repeat a signal from an indoor AP One given a good wireless signal/connection between them - but we will really need some on-site survey to determine performance because now a number of factors come into play.

Sounds almost like a school to me now or we are talking about a pretty large home?

It is a fairly large home with thick walls and lots of windows in addition to a large pool area outside. I can try and private message a floor plan if you would like. Currently we are using 4 access points throughout the house.

However, I am a little disappointed about the user bandwidth limiting feature not being available on the balance 20/30 because the price jump is so large to the next series. I am probably going to look into other alternatives as this is getting too pricey for us.

Thanks for your help.

Apart from User Group Bandwidth Control, Web Blocking and QoS, we can also take advantage of the Balance WLAN Controller feature available on Balance 380 and above too. Since we are looking to use some AP One in the home. This will all comes to one centralised, easy-to-use solution for your WAN and WLAN needs.

You are in the best position to choose for your budget, but I do highly recommend our solution. Thanks.

I went with a Balance 30 and two AP One’s. Thanks for your help they should be arriving tomorrow morning. I’ll post back soon to review them.

Thanks :slight_smile: I am sure you will enjoy them

Works great except when I try and connect to peplink balance 30 web interface. Sometimes it won’t let me connect. It will let me in once every couple hours then once I apply changes it just won’t let me in. The internet connection doesn’t drop and I can still ping the device, but it won’t let me into the web interface. I have tried unplugging it and resetting it to no avail. Any ideas?

This isn’t what I am expecting. Please upgrade it to the latest firmware 5.3.12 and see if we can reproduce it.

If we can, we definitely need to take a closer look via our support at http://www.peplink.com/contact/support/