Which plan is best for att

I was wondering of I should go with the att 100gb for $55 or ad a phone plan and use that sim card or use this tablet plan for $20 I’ve heard you are taking a chance with att cell phone plans or tablet plans

100GB for $55 works well in my Max Transit Cat 18

Which plan is this? AT&T doesn’t make it easy to find their plans, particularly when you want to add a line to an existing cell plan. I read about $20 add-a-line opportunities all the time but can never find them. 100Gb/$55 is a pretty good deal if it’s unthrottled and not network managed. Please advise. Thanks.

The $20 tablet plan mentioned is probably the standalone postpaid plan. It’s a bit of an oddball and can be hard to get because not all reps know about it. I think a similar but easier to get plan is available as an add-on if you already have an AT&T phone plan.

Unfortunately it’s not much use on a Pepwave. It will probably work for a while until AT&T shuts you down for using an unapproved device. Most people using it in routers configure their routers to have the IMEI of a tablet. As far as I know, you can’t do that with a Pepwave.

I had a tablet plan from AT&T and it went dormant about a year ago. Too bad since it was quite good while it lasted. I’ll have to go to a corporate AT&T store and see what I can get. I have their Elite cell plan on two phones but it’s not easy to really tell what ‘add-a-line’ data plans are available in this circumstance. Thanks.

Hi Joel. I think this one → Data Only, Hotspot & Tablet Data Plans | AT&T Prepaid . We have a couple of these in use and I know some of our customers also do. No complaints. Can be activated either in-store or on-line.

And, you’re right. AT&T makes nothing easy.

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Sorry for responding to a slightly old thread but better than starting a new one. I went to the AT&T store to get a SIM for me balance 20X and they said they wouldn’t sell me one. Is the only way to activate it with a tablet, then put it in the 20X?

AT&T is the only carrier with a signal where I am.

what plan were you trying to get? they sell many different plans…

Hi. I’m the person who posted that link on 01/01/22. I can tell you we and our customers have bought two of the three plans shown on that page before and after the date of that posting for use in Peplink routers – including the B20X. You can try the “tablet route” but it should not be necessary. And, the carriers know the difference between a tablet and a router. Maybe try another store?

Thanks. Will try again. I was looking at either the $35 /15 gig or $55/100 gig plan (pre paid). I tried in the store, and the person there tried to help me but his system said it wouldn’t let me for the peplink IMEI. Will try online or another store.

Edit: Actually that link (which I had found earlier) says if I don’t have a SIM already, I need to visit a store. So I guess it is try another store. I don’t have a tablet. There are options like this on ebay for the tablet route: https://www.ebay.com/itm/265207350732 but it just seems to shady to me.

the tablet plans no longer work in other devices i dont think

i also think att got rid of the 100gb for $55 and now its 50gb for $50 but i might be mistaken

did you try asking for a manager at the store?

The ones I know to have worked recently are the $55/100/mo and the $300/20/mo/yr.

Yes, I’d be a bit concerned about this blurb in the EBay item you referenced:

Its only a matter of time before service is terminated – if it works at all. But, YMMV. ;<)

Success! I went to ta total of three AT&T stores. The first one was the one who told me it just wouldn’t work. The second one was better, explaining they were not a corporate store and therefore could not sell me this plan. But they directed me to the nearest corporate store, and I got my SIM.

It works great. I previously had an AT&T home internet set up which was/is very expensive and comes with a phone line that I don’t really need. I am using that (higher data allowance) for the main WAN source (it outputs an ethernet line) with the new SIM as hot failover (lower data allowance). Will soon replace the AT&T home internet with Starlink and keep the new low-data SIM for hot failover.

Thanks for everyone’s help.


which plan did u get? any plan #? GB? price? details please.

All of the plans that were on Data Only, Hotspot & Tablet Data Plans | AT&T Prepaid were available at the store. But it had to be a corporate store.

The easiest way to get the 100GB for $55 plan is online with your own SIM.