Which Peplink for this situation

Hello all,

I am a wireless Internet service provider. I need to combine the following:

20/20MB Fiber
10/2MB cable-1 (runs at 13MB)
10/2MB cable-2 (runs at 13MB)

Here are some more considerations:

The 20MB fiber may be upgraded to 50MB in the near future.
Also, around the same time, one of the cable connections will be dropped and the remaining one upgraded to 50/8

Please let me know what model would be sufficient for this.

Thank you.

I would recommend the Balance 380 or 580. The 380 will cover your bases for now, but the 580 has two additional Ethernet WAN ports for future growth and expansion.

OK, thanks for the information.

On my two cable connections, they both are in the same subnet and have the same gateway. Will that be a problem?

No, that will be no problem if they are in the same subnet and share the same default gateway.