Which OIDs that Peplink supports for Peplink Balance 580 (updated 6.2.2)?


Hello everyone,

I can’t test SNMP v1/2 on the device Balance 580 (updated 6.2.2) but V3.
I only find MIB file v1/2, please let me know where can I download MIB files for v3?
Or if you guys have any solution to test SNMP v1/2 correctly, please advise me.
I need some mib files as below:


  1. hrMemorySize - .
  2. hrStorageTable - .

System Stat .

If you have mib files support v3, please kindly send me the links to download.

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Hien,

The MIB for SNMP v1/v2c and v3 are the same.

You can download the MIBs file by using the URL below:


!!! Good news for Memory & CPU monitoring using SNMP for Firmware version 6.3 !!!

Private MIB are supported (DEVICE.mib)

CPU load & Memory Usage OID in DEVICE.mib

OID deviceInfoUsage : .

deviceInfoUsage OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { deviceInfo 3 }
	deviceCpuLoad OBJECT-TYPE
		MAX-ACCESS read-only
		STATUS current
			"Device CPU Load, in hundredths of a percent."
		::= { deviceInfoUsage 1 }

	deviceTotalMemory OBJECT-TYPE
		MAX-ACCESS read-only
		STATUS current
			"Device total memory (units KB)."
		::= { deviceInfoUsage 2 }

	deviceMemoryUsage OBJECT-TYPE
		MAX-ACCESS read-only
		STATUS current
			"Device memory usage (units KB)."
		::= { deviceInfoUsage 3 }

6.3 are in beta firmware now !!!

Thank You


Thanks so much, Sitloongs.

I can download only text files for require mibs (Host-Resource and UCD SNMP) on the link you sent.
Are they Mib files too?
Please advise, thanks.



Hi Hien,

Since v6.3.0RC is available now, please download and try it.

With v6.3.0, you just need to use the provided OID to monitor our CPU and Memory.


Dear Sitloongs,

Content under the line you marked red color is the text lines I need to add in DEVICE.mib file right?
I checked the DEVICE.mib file downloaded on this link: http://www.peplink.com/support/downloads/software-supplements/
(Peplink Balance SNMP Private MIB for 6.1 or above (Updated at Apr 22, 2015)) but don’t see deviceInfoUsage, only see deviceInfoSystem and deviceInfoTime.



Hi Hien,

Attached are the 6.3 device MIB files for Balance. Please make sure your device is running using 6.3 RC and you should able to monitor the CPU & memory usage for the device.

For your information, Balance/MAX 6.3 private MIB files will be uploaded to the public download link within this few days.

Thank You