WHich modem with Puma 421?

I got the max duo transit cat6, but i think it doesn’t boost public wifi signals.

the antenna I have on my trailer is the puma 421 which has 4 LTE/5G cables and 2 wifi cables.

It appears the router only has wifi cables for a local wifi network (antennas). There are no inputs for the puma 421 cables.

Is there a better router that will work with this puma 421 antenna?

I’m trying to get a setup that will grab public wifi signals and use as a source for my local trailer WAN

WiFi WAN on the Transit uses the same physical radio as the local network, so there are no extra connectors or antennas to connect.

What you have would/should work just fine I’d think.

If you are planning on using the built in AP as a WAN interface I’d personally recommend using a separate AP for your network as it will in most instances result in better performance due to the way the time slicing works when the built in radio is doing doubel duty on the same frequency band (if you only use a 2.4GHz WiFi WAN though and a 5GHz only local network that’s a different matter).

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I think I’m jot explaining myself.

The puma 421 has wifi antenna to grab signals. Where do I plug those cables in? Or do I need a different router?


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My router doesn’t have that. Which router is that?

So this is my understanding (but I could be mistaken)

The Puma 421 pulls signals either from public wifi (ie: campground/rv park) or Sim card (cellular data) and sends it to the router, and the router will broadcast a local wifi network.

Is this correct? If so which modem do I need to work with a Puma 421 and get a local wifi networking pulling a signal from the Puma’s wifi antenna?

Hi chovy, the picture Martin provided is a max tst duo cat6 (MAX-TST-DUO-LTEA-W-T). If your router doesn’t look like that, you must have a different router.

Your TST DUO will do both WIFI output and WIFI WAN (connecting to a public WIFI) all from the same 2 antenna connections on the device. The PUMA 421 then utilizes the same WIFI antenna built in for both types of connections; input and output.

It seems like you want to connect WIFI WAN to open public WIFI hotspots. If you do, you need to go into the WIFI WAN settings on the router and add those public WIFI hotspots so that your router can connect wirelessly to them.

Ahh ok that’s what I was missing. I figured wifi in and wifi out would be two different plugs.

That looks like an $8k router. Think I’ll pass.

Little different. I got this one: Pepwave MAX BR1 MK2 Router with Cat 6 LTE Advanced Modem

In that case, you will have two extra cellular connections as the MAX-BR1-MK2-LTEA-W-T only has one cell modem. The PUMA-221 would be a better fit for that device.

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Does that one have wifi send and receive?

Yes, it is very similiar PUMA-421 but only has 2 cellular, 2 wifi, and 1 gps connection.

The MAX Transit Duo.