Which models support Wi-Fi Mesh?

I’ve been reviewing multiple forum topics about Wi-Fi Mesh. Then I stumbled across this topic that says none of the Peplink AP support mesh. Mesh appliances

It would be really helpful then to know what hardware is required to be able to utilize mesh.

I haven’t found any of the AP hardware pages to show mesh as an option.

Note: we are trying to improve our data access for COVID vaccine sites. Currently we are deploying multiple Peplink Max type devices but, we were thinking we could improve our access if we could utilize a better network and only a single cellular enabled Router. These are field sites and move around a lot.

Hi Eric. To start, check this out – Wi-Fi Mesh Support: Overview and Howto. In particular, note the hardware requirements Travis identifies and that you must be using FW 8.1.1 in the router and 3.6.2/3.7.3/3.8.1 in the AP, as appropriate.

As to your point about “AP hardware page to show mesh …”: This function is brand new – with FW 8.1.1. So far as I am aware, the spec sheets have not been updated to reflect this capability yet (although I’d be pleased to be corrected on this.) I do think @Travis’s guidance is authoritative and should lead you in he right direction.

I’d expect the spec/cut sheets to be updated in time. This is still very “new.”

Thanks @Rick-DC I did read through the Wi-Fi Mesh Suppor: Overview and Howto that is what got me on to the idea of trying to find out what devices supported Mesh.