Which is the right peplink model for me

Hi Guys/Girls,

I have a particular site that I am trying to get some more bandwidth into. Currently we only have a 512k down /128k up frame relay connection on this site. I would like to add a couple of additional adsl connections to increase the amount of bandwidth to this site.

What I would like to know is if the any peplink product can do what we need and which peplink can do it in the most cost effective way. Seeing as we have very little in terms of bandwidth coming into this site can I get away with using a Balance 30 or will I need to use a Balance 310?

Please see my picture of what I am trying to do.

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Is the frame relay a Internet link? You can get more bandwidth by using our Peplink Balance unit. Please refer the following for the details of Inbound & Outbound load balance

Regarding the model, we need to know more about the information of your network, such as number of users and applications of your network etc. You may also interest in the following comparison.

Hi Chung-lai,

Yes the frame relay is an internet link(tiny as it is).

To give you more details on the application of the product it is in hospitality environment(hotel) where we are supplying internet to guests in room.The maximum amount of users would be around 50 in total.


As I see in the picture , you need public IP routing to your local network. so you will need a model with Drop-in mode support to be able to route your public IP from your frame relay connection.
Balance 310 would be a good choice but if you need bandwidth management for your clients and you will have more than 50 Internet users, Balance 380 is a better choice.
moreover if you think that you will have more than 3 WAN links in the future , you have to think about a 5 port WAN balancer like BPL-580.
it depends to your decision and budget.