Which configuration for bandwidth aggregation?

Hi all, I have 2 question before buying some products:

I have 2 adsl 30mbit down and 3 mbit up
I need to upload large files.

  • Which products do you recommend to buy if i want to use 6Mbit in upload (3+3)?
  • If I buy only a Balance20 Router, the load balancing works at session level or at packet level? In this case how can I improve the speed of upload traffic?


Hi @J3rry_OUT,

EDIT: Removed my explanation of SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding.
Martin’s explanation (below) is more detailed.

For more information about Peplink’s load balancing, visit this page and this topic.


Hi Claudio,
To combine all upload bandwidth across two DSLs for a single session you need to use SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding to another remote Peplink appliance that has enough bandwidth to receive your upload and forward on to the internet.

From a device perspective you could consider a Balance 210, or a Balance One with the additional SpeedFusion License. Then you could host a FusionHub Virtual Appliance in the cloud (AWS, Azure etc) as the remote device.

However depending on what your uploading you could achieve the same result with software on your devices. For example amazon S3 supports multipart upload now, so if you are uploading files to share with others you could use that.

Also I would recommend https://cyberduck.io/ it supports multi-part / multi session uploads for loads of different protocols / services. .

If its just general uploading of files to multiple websites then you will need to look at SpeedFusion Bonding.