Where to report bug? Nested LAN admin login fails in HTTPS mode

Hit problem when setting up LAN with two levels, each with Soho router. Outer LAN has net 192.168.100.x, inner LAN has net 192.168.101.x, each with 24bit subnet mask. I configured both routers to only allow LAN admin, and only via HTTPS on the default port (443).

With this configuration, I can only reach the inner router from a browser on PC attached to the inner router. I can’t reach the outer router’s GUI login page (at Note that I can ping the outer router, and I can connect to it via SSH in this configuration.

If I change the outer router’s access mode to HTTP, then i can reach it.

I can work around the problem by changing the HTTPS port to something besides 443. My guess is that somehow the inner router is seeing the admin packets to or from the outer router and assuming its some sort of attack or security violation and not forwarding them. Please fix.

2 x Surf SOHO MK3, both with firmware 8.0.0

Hi - Welcome t the forum.
By inner and outer router do you mean one SOHO’s WAN is on the LAN of another SOHO?

Maybe a diagram would help?

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Yeah the WAN port of the inner router is connected to a LAN port of the outer. I think that should’ve been pretty obvious. Not really a need for a diagram.

And I think I’ll stop trying to help.

With respect. Nothing is obvious on these forums. This is your first post, I have no idea how much you
know about Peplink devices and their configuration. I don’t know if your terminology of inner and outer routers mean Layer 3 cascade or something else entirely, and as a group, SOHO users don’t tend to have multiple SOHOs in a single physical location - hence my ask for clarification.

Anyway. Someone else can run this up in their lab and get it logged as a bug for you I’m sure.
Thanks for posting the issue.


I already have a workaround, as I mentioned. I reported the problem to help others and improve the product. I don’t have the time to waste answering you talking to me as a child, but if it makes you feel superior to be condescending, then have fun.

Indeed, “stop trying to help,” genius, since your “help” seems to involve trying to “clarify” things that should’ve been obvious to most people. If Pepwave doesn’t want to improve the product, I guess they won’t.

Well that escalated quickly.

Reading this thread back - I deserved some of your last response. Even if I found your original reply to me condescending, it was childish to respond as I did. I apologise.

Although it came across as patronising that was not my intention, I really was just trying to highlight that what one person thinks of as obvious because it is in front of them - is not always seen the same way by others who are further way from it.

Thank you for posting this. I’m certain someone from Peplink will log this bug for analysis. They are always very keen to improve their products and can only do that with feedback like this.