where to download the max br1 mini ltea firmware upgrade to a 5g t-mobile network

I see that upgrades are available for the max br1 mini ltea. Will they let it work on a 5g network (specifically tmobile)?

Where can I find the firmware download?

Hi @David_Briggs . The BR1 Mini LTEA does not include a modem that will work on 5G. Using the most current firmware is encouraged, however. Peplink makes it quite easy to do. From the opening GUI screen select System → Firmware → Check for Firmware and press that button as as shown below.

If you don’t have a SIM inserted and working, and the WAN port is not activated, you can install the FW manually. You can download it from here.

Thanks Rick.

Do you know the follow on product that is 5g capable?

Sure. There’s more that one option. I’ll send you a PM with my phone number. I’m working today (yea, I know it’s a holiday in the US.)