Where in the US D.o.D. is Peplink? Neither them or Cradlepoint are on the DISA UC APL.

Most of my business is Fed/IC/DoD related. Wireless is my new business unit and we have switched from Cradlepoint to Peplink already for private and commercial applications. I don’t see any case studies or white papers on Peplink being used on NIPR or OpenNet. Both have products on the GSA schedule, so I’m sure they’ve all been used somewhere. If you’ve got any insight, please advise.

It likely won’t. DoD would most likely work with 5G providers to develop a private network and then use appliances such as Cisco, Juniper or Nokia with modem cards to connect.

@kevinp Does a lot of work with the US military / government departments and might have an opinion here.


We’re working on this atm with a DoD Phase II SBIR and an ATO from DISA already in place for combat comms and a FedRAMP sponsorship from VA. Do remember that some of these systems are more than 50% larger than the individual router component so the manufacturer of record changes to the Systems Integrator.

We mainly make deployables ruggedized waterproof 5.8 lb Transit Pros & Quad MBX + Starshields that we do on GSA and a half dozen other vehicles plus an upcoming va.gov store for all of Federal use with 1-click purchasing :slight_smile:
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All our DoD customers for these like hiding in plane sight and blending into local traffic. Just tell everyone it’s dirty public internet transport that you do not inspect and treat it accordingly. Leave a space for them to loop through their Type 1 encoder for NIPR or SIPR with the WAN and LAN ports, throw away the GPS, Turn off InControl, fire and forget. Duck, dodge and weave certs and forms. They can hold the reset button in if they want your help again. Leave an easy way for them to add their issued sim.

P.S. Azure will have virtual encoder soon you can run in VM DoD soon (1-2 years)

Also keep an eye out for a potential Quectel ban over the summer and which modems you use.


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