Where can I find the list of fixes for a firmware version?

Last night, I applied upgraded one of my Balance 20 v6 devices with the firmware 8.1.1s048 build 4990 6.

So far, this device is running MUCH better than when I had it on 8.1.1 build 4986, especially given the CPU utilization is running lower than before.

Before I applying this firmware to any other devices, I would like to take a look at the release notes, just to make sure I am not going to break anything else. I manage 70+ devices and I want to be careful with the deployment.

Where can I can find any information regarding this release/


Thanks, but it is for the released version, which I have already read.

I want to know what are the bug fixes on version 8.1.1s048 build 4990 6.

@fvideira, please refer below.

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