Where are Peplink components manufactured?

As a security enthusiast, I’ve heard nothing but great reviews of Peplink’s products. However, one question I haven’t been able to find an answer to is… where are the components made? Is the supply chain / OEM strictly in the USA? Or are the systems / components imported from outside the US? Any help would be most appreciated!


It was a mix of ISO accredited contract fabrication and assembly in china and Taiwan, then because of the US / China trade war and the delays it caused I think everything was moved to Taiwan. Certainly all my recent orders say made in Taiwan on the back. Not sure about the cellular modules, I know some are made in Vietnam.


Much appreciated and raises the question of what is Peplink doing in terms of secure supply chain management and due diligence / auditing of their hardware imported from abroad. Hate seeing US businesses in the secure communications industry cut corners and gamble with foreign manufacturing of their equipment - particularly from State-owned Enterprises that actively engage in Unrestricted “no-rules” Competition.

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