When will firmware 7.0.1 be available?

Regarding the report of multiple bugs in Peplink firmware 7.0.0 here
Full Disclosure: X41-2017-005 - Multiple Vulnerabilities in peplink balance routers

When will 7.0.1 be available?

Also, are these bugs limited to the Balance models in this report or do they exist in all Balance models? Other models too?

Are the flaws also in firmware 6.3.3 or only in 7.0.0?

As for defensive steps: would not running the local admin interface off a non-standard port offer protection?

And, would requiring HTTPS for local admin access offer any protection?

Thank you

Hi Michael, here’s our response: Firmwares 7.0.1 and 6.3.4 Address Security Advisory CVE-2017-8835 ~ 8841

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