When will be Peplink firmware version 6.3.4 will be release?

Hi just want to ask when will be peplink firmware version 6.3.4 will be release this year?

v7.0.0 will be the next firmware release after v6.3.3. v7.0.0 to be available soon. Stay tuned!

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Hi, today I installed FW 6.3.4 on a 380 HW5 and all the wan ports are disabled and need to be activated. How do I go about activating these ports?

Go to network WAN, click on one of the WANs and check the enable box then save and apply.

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Thank Martin but they are totally disabled and grayed out.

It displays “Disabled (Activation is Required)”

Hi @Arman_Aminloo,

Did you upgrade the firmware to 6.3.4 from a 5.x.x version? If so, you need to apply a free license to activate the 6.3.4 firmware. The licence can be obtained from InControl, your > Certified Peplink Partner < may be able to help, or you can raise a Peplink support ticket - they’ll need the serial number of your Balance 380.

If this is not the case, can you upload a screen shot of the error please?

I hope this helps,


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