When should static routes be used and how?

My understanding of static routes is when I wish to route traffic via a defined list of routes. For example, if I would like route traffic from to

If yes, how is this different to enabling inter-VLAN communication or defining firewall rules?

I have a Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 device that is running firmware version 8.0.0 build 1429.

Here is an example:

SOHO on left is connected to SOHO on right using WIFI as WAN.
By default WAN connections are in NAT mode, so this setup would normally just provide the left SOHO with backup internet connectivity.

However lets assume the green laptop wants to connect to the blue server. The right SOHO has no route for the blue network - it only has connected devices in the green network so we have to add a static route to tell the soho on the right that the network is available via the wifi wan IP of the left soho ( and then we set the wifi WAN to IP forwarding mode instead of NAT.


I am unfamiliar with the term “WiFI as WAN”. Is it a Wireless Distribution System?

To clarify, is the static route in the example implemented on the right SOHO or left SOHO? I am assuming on the right based on the direction of the request. If yes, is the destination network and the gateway I assume that the destination can be restricted to

What is Wi-Fi Wan to IP forwarding? Where is this configured?

Using the same example, can a static route be established between VLANs instead of enabling inter-VLAN?

Page 30 in the manual same as the wired WAN but uses wifi.

Right SOHO.

There is only one route so that is already a restriction.

In WAN connection settings see routing mode on page 26 of manual.

Default is NAT routing mode where inbound connection attempts to the WAN are dropped unless a LAN side device has initiate communication first. IP forwarding is where all traffic arrives and is routed onwards (limited only by firewall rules).

The SOHO adds internal routes dynamically for locally attached networks. There is no need for static routes between VLANS.

You need to get over your fear of enabling inter VLAN routing. When you disable inter vlan routing the SOHO adds a deny all firewall rule. Enable inter VLAN routing add a deny all to all rule and you have the same thing but then also have the ability to open up specific traffic flows if you want by layering firewall rules.

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