When making some changes via remote web admin through IC2, I can't access the device remotely for 30+ minutes each time

Was just curious if anyone else has encountered this as it has only started for me as of a month or two ago from what I can tell. Basically what happens is with any of my devices, if I log into IC2 and then do the “Remote web admin” to access the device remotely, certain changes I do kick me out of the remote web admin and I can’t log back into it for at least 30 minutes.

For example, if I log in and I see WAN1 is up and LTE1 is up, but I manually disable WAN1. The remote web admin stops responding, and if I close the tab and try to access it again, I’m not able to for at least half an hour. It just says contacting device then shows a solid blank white page. Same if I log in and make a change such as to outbound policy and save it, the web admin stops responding and if I try to access it via IC2 it’s just a solid white blank page. Manually rebooting the device doesn’t seem to help, the only thing that seems to work is coming back at least 30 minutes later where it then works again.

It’s a pain as sometimes I’m doing testing and want to disable a WAN temporarily which then kicks me out for awhile. It does this on all our devices, Balance 305, BR1s, HD2s etc. I never used to have this problem but seems to have just started in the past month or two, and does it from Chrome, Safari, Mac, PC, etc.

I’ve seen this too. Pretty sure this is because the IC2 session is going out over the WAN link you then disable and what you’re seeing is some weird session timeout where eventually the device then tries a different WAN link.

Two thing that seem to help for me:

  1. turn on remote assistance from IC2 then start a new Remote Web Admin session.
  2. Create an outbound policy for peplink.com on the device as priority and stick all the wans in it.
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Do you have detail steps to reproduce the problem and also the rates ?

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  • In IC2 I click Remote Web Admin on a device, it says Contacting Device, then Making Connection and then I’m in the web admin for a Balance 305.

  • It currently has Cable active WAN1 and LTE on a BR1 on WAN2 both showing connected.

  • I press Disconnect beside the Cable WAN so that only LTE is active. The remote web admin immediately stops responding. I press refresh and it just loads a solid white blank page.

  • I close the tab and in IC2 it shows Cable as Disconnected (Manual) and LTE as Connected as expected.

  • I press Remote Web Admin which opens a new tab showing it’s trying to load, however this time it never shows any “Contacting Device” or any message like that. After about 10 seconds it just stops loading and shows only a solid white page.

  • I tried Martin’s suggestion of turning on remote web admin but that didn’t help unfortunately. I didn’t create an outbound policy to peplink.com yet, but that basically is what happens each time.


The issue will remain around like 30 minutes ?

Just happened to me and it took 20mins before I could use RWA again after changing a SF profile (that should not have affected the RWA session traffic).

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@MartinLangmaid, may I know you are having the RWA issue with which IC2’s planet?

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@liammonroe, could you share the S/N of the affected device(s) via private message with us? Or, you may submit a support ticket for us to further investigate.

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Hi all, this is in Venus that I notice it. I’ll send a PM with a SN of a device it always happens on now.

Thanks, we will check on it and update our findings.

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