When lte-a 2nd band connects it seems to lower data speeds?!

i live in a rural area, i have 2 peplink max br1’s connected to antenas that just catch an att lte signal from a tower miles away. it’s not great, but it is better than no internet :slight_smile: thanks for your help!

i’ve noticed that when there is only one band in use that my signal strength is shown as 3-5 bars (i can get 6Mbps down 1.5~ up). when a second band connects my bars AND speed go down, not up! i think this is b/c the 2nd band is a terrible connection, but i’m not sure… thoughts?

does it makes sense that lte-a adding the 2nd band, w/ the poor signal would cause speed to go down? why would it add the band then? i assumed it’d only be additive if a 2nd band appeared (or at worst have no impact, but not decrease things). if it is the 2nd band that is slowing things down, should i set the “Band Selection” to all the low bands, remove the highs? what is the best way to address this?

For example, right now i’m seeing 4 bars for:

LTE Band 14 (700 MHz)
RSSI: -80dBm SINR: 14.8dB RSRP: -108dBm RSRQ: -8.0dB

Bet when a second band connects, my bars drop down to 1-3. I think this is b/c the 2nd ban connection is really poor, for example this is the 2nd band i had earlier:

LTE Band 2 (1900 MHz)
RSSI: -100dBm SINR: 3.0dB RSRP: -121dBm RSRQ: -11.0dB

The best band is always low like 700 Mhz, the worst is alway the higher (e.g. the 1900Mhz) - which makes sense given it’s a fair distance away.

Seems like you have detected a pattern. And if you can reproduce it, then it might be worth disabling band 2.

thanks @erickufrin makes sense just to disable that one band