When 1 WAN is down, how can I auto switch access to URL in another IP address?


I have 2 WANs connected to PepLink 380. Let’s call it Primary WAN and Secondary WAN. Behind the firewall, we have a few web services that are accessible via IP addresses from Primary WAN. Should Primary WAN is down, the PepLink is able to redirect Secondary WAN to be made available to the users but those accessing the web services will have problems. May I know how can I ensure that those web services are available when Primary WAN is down? Is there anything that I need to do to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.


Ummm if those web services are coming in using the primary WAN IP then, as soon as your primary WAN goes down, they should be cut off.

We could leverage Balance built-in DNS server so those web services will come in using a hostname instead. This hostname will then be translated by Balance to your primary WAN IP. If you primary WAN goes down, Balance can translate the hostname to your secondary WAN IP instead. This should ensure your web services are always coming in through an open road. Does this work for you?

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