What to buy?

Hello Everyone,

It is time for an upgrade. My SOHO is just too slow.
The peplink website is not really setup for product comparison so I am left scratching my head.

I need a secure router preferably with 4 LAN ports and Gigabit PLUS throughput.
I would also like the latest and greatest version of WiFi 6 if possible.

Recommendations are most humbly appreciated.


Hi @Zardoz1, The website does have product comparisons on certain product lines, specifically the Balance/Max product lines.

You probably want something close to the Balance 20X. Only has 900mb throughput, but is close to 1 gig.

This will not have WIFI 6 built in, if you want WIFI 6 you will most likely have to purchase one of the 2 Access Points that offer that - the AX One or AX One Lite.

I will wait for Peplink to catch up as long as I can. Hate to move away from them but buying multiple products to do what others do in a single product is not an option.

Are you taking advantage of PepVPN or Speedfusion? If not, Peplink may not be a great solution anyway.

I have three Balance 20Xs all connected via PepVPN. Love this setup since I can access all three sites with ease. I use external APs (Unifi) for wireless which is more advantageous than having it built into the router since routers are often stuffed into closets or under desks where coverage is sub-optimal at best.

I chose Peplink because of their active software development and rapid response to issues. I am security centered. If you think there is a better company out there, point me in their direction!