What the product should buy for my network?

Hi all,
My system have about 500 client.
What the product can use for my system ?
Peplink 380 ? Peplink 580 ?
i want HA (Active/Active) anh multi-provider bandwidth bonding, what the product can support that feature ?
Thank you so much !


 Which model you choose will depend on your current bandwidth needs and future growth. Since you are already at 500 users the B580 is probably the better choice. You can make a comparison between each model here:

The HA implemented on Balance is active/standby. Active/active is not possible. Bonding will require another Balance unit to establish a SpeedFusion VPN link between networks. If you are not connecting remote networks then traffic will be balanced across ISPs on a per connection basis to make use of all bandwidth.


Thank Jonan !