What product will work for me

I want to bring (2) 1GB FIOS connections together to bring the total download/upload speed to 2GB available to my pc’s on the network. What unit should I use to make this happen? So essentially BONDING the 2 FIOS connections into 1. Thank you in advance for your help.


To bond two 1 Gbps WANs you’ll need to at least look at the Balance 710. You can find a list of our products here. If you’re only going to be at this one location you will need to look at setting up a FusionHub or FusionHub Solo as well.

I would recommend reaching out to a Certified Partner and as they will be able to work directly with you to help find a solution that best fits your needs.

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isnt the speedfusion bonding throughput limited to 400mbps on that model though?? he wont see 2gbps bonded…

Hello @thereverend,
It sounds like the solution that might be best here is actually Peplink’s outbound policy which will allow you to direct traffic over both WAN connections based on set criteria. With a least used policy, you could have the Peplink router send any new sessions over the WAN connection with the most available bandwidth. Bonding would allow for a single session to use the combined bandwidth (minus overhead of roughly 20%), but it sounds like you would have many sessions and may not need the full SpeedFusion bonding solution.
The overview of bonding and load balancing here may help.



This will be only for 1 location where there is 2 ONTs and 1 Router and Many work stations.
So would it essentially look like this.

ONT1 and ONT2 into Balance 710 then into router then out to workstations… Will this allow up to 2GB of
available bandwidth from any workstation. So Essentially a speed test will show 2GB at a workstation?

i believe that you’d need something that can do 2gbps speedfusion bonding and even then there is overhead for speedfusion so you will not see 2gpbs. check peplink’s website for specs of their devices. you will see that the 710 does not do 2gbps speedfusion. you’d also need a network card and other infrastructure that supports speeds over 1gbps as well as a speedfusion hub that supports 2gbps (all traffic would have to be routed through it).

what exactly are you trying to accomplish? i ask because there are datacenters that have servers serving tons of data and even when they go over 1gbps (assuming all their carriers are 1gbps and they have multiple 1gbps lines) is balanced and then connections / data start balancing over multiple connections. it would be rare to need 2gbps in a single stream/connection…

@mystery you are correct. I was thinking of the stateful throughput.

@thereverend, if you’d like 2Gbps for bonding you’ll need to get at the Balance 2500. If you don’t need a full 2Gbps at one time worth of throughput, you could also follow the advice of @FrontierComputerCorp and use the outbound policy to load balance the two WANs.

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