What product do I need?

I have a router thought AT&T Uverse - Not sure of the model - since I’m not at home ATM…

It doesn’t cover my whole house and I don’t want to run wires to a device, I just want to be able to boost the signal from the existing router so the rest of my house can receive it…

I’ll also like to be able to purchase it from a big box store, in case it doesn’t do what I need it to do (But I’m sure it will)

What are my options? Is their any additional information you need frome me?


I would recommend the Pepwave SOTG or Device Connector (higher bandwidth capabilities). Both are essentially repeaters/wi-fi bridges. You can connect to your existing routers wi-fi with our device to re-broadcast the signal. Essentially we will broadcast a SSID (recommend using the same name/password as your current router for roaming purposes) that users will connect to. You can also, hard wire either device as well into a spare jack port or directly into the router as well.

Main differences between SOTG and DC. DC can handle up to 300Mbps of throughput where the SOTG is 150Mbps. DC can be powered over PoE and is MIMO capable (has 2 antennas where SOTG has one).

I would personally choose the SOTG as it also doubles as a great travel router should you want to increase Wi-Fi strength, for example, of a Hotel Wi-Fi. Especially if your bandwidth doesn’t exceed 150Mps and you don’t plan on powering the device over PoE.

I would check out any of our authorized resellers as well as Amazon for purchase. If you have any additional questions, as always, don’t hesitate to ask.



Device Connector:

you need a bridge. something that can extend the effective range, essentially “bridging” it. try Peplink SOTG.