What Pre-paid SIM cards work on Pepwave in May 2022

Hello Peplink Community

Can anyone tell what carrier and pre paid SIM card has been successful in acquiring internet with their Pepwave??

i have tried AT&T 100GB for $50, and their one for iPads 25GB for $20, and the T-Mobile 100GB for $50. None of these have worked. Before I continue on this awesome wild goose case I’d like to see if anyone has recommendations. Thanks!!!

Att 100gb prepaid works for me

Can you send a screen shot of your set up? Did you just plug the sim in and it worked?

I shut off my max br1 5g, inserted the att sim into slot b. ( slot a already has a working Verizon sim)

applied power. Waited a long time. 4-5 minutes. And it connected.

no configuration changes made.

can you put your att sim into a phone to test it?

There are several informative threads on this topic already. If my memory serves me correctly, TM 50GB plan works but 100GB does not. iPad plans do not. AT&T 100GB plan worked last year.

ATT does not work this year.

For what it’s worth, I’m currently using a new MBX Mini with a 100G prepaid AT&T and a 150G prepaid Verizon. Each one cost around $100. Using both of them at the same time with SpeedFusion

I went into each local retail store and told them I needed a prepaid data card. Because the Peplink IMEI wouldn’t scan into their system, they grabbed a hotspot from the display and used that IMEI number for the account so I could buy the SIM card.

I simply plugged them both in and they worked like magic. I didn’t have to configure anything, not even the APN.

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Currently utilizing the $10 a month plan for Tmobile in a Pepwave, CradlePoint, and Inseego works fine. Just got rid of AT&T $20 Plan but it worked fine.