What peplink device is best suited for what we need?


I am not an enormous Network specialist, but here is what we need :

We need a router with two ISP connections
VLAN support
No need of wifi because we have specific Access Point devices
At the moment we are 10 users. But we are growing

What would be the appropriate peplink product for our needs ?

Thanks for your answer.


You are missing some key information. What are the ISP connections? Types? Speeds?

What is on your network? Home network? Small office? What types of devices? How many devices?



The ISP connections are for :
Cable modem
Phone line ADSL

The speed of these connection is not extremely high.

What is on my network :

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • WiFi Access points
  • NAS storage
  • TV via ADSL
  • Several switches on the 3 floors
  • Apple TV / Sony PS4

What I want to do is seperate my two networks.

  • The TV network, on the phone ADSL connection
  • The work / family / etc network on the Cable modem connection

So I need to do some VLAN across some network equipment. I will have to learn how to do it.


You are not being specific. What are the speeds of the connections? Especially the cable?

If you want separate networks why do you need one router? Why not keep them completely separate? Just curious…

Either way, Peplink’s devices are listed on their website along with the speed throughputs they support.

Hello Andrew,

A Peplink Balance 20 will work for you but if you want to future-proof it a bit I would recommend a Balance Two. Thanks

Hello @AndrewHobson,

Welcome to the forum.

The selection in Peplink is quite large as you have probably found, probably why you are asking!

For what you have written you will be looking at the Balance series, for Home/small office, these you tend to find in the Velocity group of products.
The Balance 20 that @AskTim mentioned is a popular unit and probably the most affordable one, it has 3 WAN port and 4 LAN ports. This most likely means you will need a switch for the extra devices that you have, that are not wireless. It has a 150Mbps throughput, normally enough for home or small office.
You mention that you wish to grow, so I would go for a slightly better throughput model, like the Balance One, which has 600Mbps throughput, 2 WAN ports and 8 LAN ports. (There is a Balance Two model as well, with higher performance but only 4 LAN ports).
An alternative with some resilience buildt in for you is the Balance 30 LTE. although only 200Mbps throughput, it has a LTE(4G) modem built in which you can use as fail-over (or extra WAN connectivity) in case your wired connections fail. It has also 2 WAN ports and 4 LAN ports.

All of them can create vlans so you can segregate the network as you want. But remember that any switch you connect will also need to be managed / vlan capable!

To go more detailed, we indeed need more information. i.e. what the cable/adsl connection actually give you for throughput, and what your future aspirations are. How many wired devices and how you connect them. Are you in need of failover/bandwidth smoothing/network resilience/VPN services?

PM me if you want to go into more details, or post your further questions here. we are happy to help!



I wanted to say thank you for all these replies.

I have a ton of other questions, but they are note related specifically to Peplink products…