What other firewall brands do Peplink IPSEC VPNs play nicely with?

I am looking to see what kinds of combinations of VPN endpoints has the fellow users have. I was thinking of doing a small datacenter for some hosted VMs for clients (ike hosting a QB file and an RDP server type of think, not full on VDI). The only thing is the other side may or may not have Peplinks and I wanted to know what other firewalls have you guys been able to get on either sides of the VPN?

Out in the field, we come across a lot of Sonicwalls, Untangles, and Cisco.

Hi there,

Though not ‘supported’, I’ve had some good success when using Draytek Vigor routers. I’ve used Peplink Balance 20’s to initiate the IPSEC VPN’s to Draytek… solid for me.