What options do I have for my Peplink router if my warranty expires?

Peplink routers come with a one year Hardware Warranty, and one year of InControl 2 Access.
When that year ends, the Hardware Warranty and InControl 2 Access ends.

Depending on your needs and model, you’re able to add or extend these in the following ways:

  • TotalCare
  • Extended Warranty
  • InControl2 Subscription
TotalCare **_(We launched our new care plan on January 9, 2023, please visit this [page](https://www.peplink.com/care-plans/) for the latest information.)_**
    TotalCare is our premium service and includes the following for 1 or 3 years:
    • Hardware Warranty
    • InControl 2 Access
    • Telephone Support
    • 24x7 Email Support
    • Advance Hardware Replacement (faster RMA processing)

    Note that TotalCare is only available on enterprise-grade models.
    Click TotalCare for prices, and what models it’s available on.

Extended Warranty
    Extended Warranty includes the following for 1 or 2 years:
    • Hardware Warranty
    • InControl 2 Access
    Extended Warranty is available on all models. Click Extended Warranty for prices and more details.
InControl 2 Subscription Thank you for choosing Peplink!

Just a sanity check: No ability to subscribe to IC2 for Balance 380 and Max Transit Units? (We have no need for warranties.)

Please refer to the “Pricing and Availability” section for the URL below:

Good Evening
Could Peplink please consider offering IC2 subscriptions for all devices?
My thought on it would be its priced by WANs as obviously more WANs are creating more data.
We would be happy to purchase 2x IC2 licences to cover a Transit DUO or 4x IC2 licences for a HD4.
Please consider this
Thank You

Peplink is free to set its business model of course.
But disallowing IC2 subscriptions for the higher-end devices will backfire for large-scale users who self-insure or need immediate replacements when equipment fails (no need for warranties - we’ll simply have a reasonable set of spare units in case something fails).
I suspect the tradeoff is disadvantageous to Peplink - one of the real attractions of broad deployment of Peplink equipment is the IC2 support system.
So I echo GNO-2014 - a subscription structure based on the number of (activated?) WANs without the hardware warranty cost would be quite attractive.
The current scheme is not.

I just trashed my Balance 305 now that the warranty is expired and cannot continue to use IC2. There is no business logic why Peplink would not allow IC2 subscriptions on this device after warranty. The only reason I could see is that they want to sell the expensive extended warranty to continue access to IC2. That doesn’t sit well with me and I don’t support businesses that like to fuck their customers. I’m in the process of trashing my last Balance 305 in my other office. I liked working with my partner who was local but they are not a reseller for the competitor product I purchased. It’s a shame, peplink will no longer have my business and their partner is also at a loss.

As you’ve mentioned you can purchase the extended warranty to cover the unit AND access incontrol or just purchase an incontrol access license once the device is out of warranty.

The third option is if you have enough devices to warrant the cost is to buy and run your own instance of incontrol as this will be warranty agnostic, but if you only have a few devices it probably wont cost in.

At the end of the day Peplink have to pay for hosting services to run incontrol as a cloud service to customers so can completely understand why its charged for either on warranty extension or a license to use. Cisco/Meraki is the same, you pay an annual subscription to use the cloud based system.

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Unfortunately that is not correct because as GNO-2014 and zegor_mjol have mentioned, IC2 control subscriptions cannot be purchased on many devices. The subscription is only available on the following modules and any models not listed would require warranty to be purchased to access IC2:

Balance One and Core, Balance 20, 30, 50
MAX BR Series
MAX On-The-Go
AP One Series
AP Pro
FusionHub Essential, FusionHub Pro

Hello all!

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