What method should be used to select fastest cellular band

Got it. I have the direction antenna connected and will see if I can get band 2 to aggregate. I briefly set the bands to auto and it did aggregate on band 12 and 66. Speed was at 28Mbps down which is slightly better that I saw this morning.

In my area, signal strength and quality are good even with the omni antenna. I’m guessing I’ll see more of a difference in rural areas when using the directional antennas.

Nice! I’m no RF expert, but it does seem like the only way to know if something is going to work is to try it out.

I was able to get something to aggregate with band 2, but I’m not sure exactly what. There are towers in all directions. I have pointed at each tower and tried to get band 2 to aggregate. So far only the tower/s to my south result in aggregation. And, even this tower does not always aggregate; comes and goes.

Again, it does seem like congestion is my issue at my home location. I need to go out somewhere in the country and try these tests when I’m not sittinging within a short distance of numerous towers in all directions. At my current location the directional antennas allow me to select the tower I’m using which is nice, but the small omni antenna had about the same results.

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I’m going to need to retest all scenarios. I’ve been using 2.4 WiFi which i believe is partly to blame for my less than idea results. I switched to 5G and saw my speed tests triple. The 5G signal is weak in my van because I’m using external antennas and the metal van interferes substantially. So, I put a paddle antenna on one of my WiFi ports which solved that problem. I’ll post findings once I retest.

For your AT&T band 2, the one that you provided the UTran ID, you are connecting to a tower that is just south of Childress Dr. on Dessau Rd… It has a pretty good band 2 deployment so try pointing your antenna there.

The speedtests gains are because of your wifi connection, not related to your LTE connections to a tower. Yes, what’s important is the bandwidth AT THE CLIENT, so your find was a great one.

Yes, but you can be more methodical when you have more information about the towers in your vicinity and how the Peplink router works - it’s worth the effort.

Got it. I’ll give that a try. BTW… I was able to get 80Mbps down yesterday for a split seconds while using SFC with AT&T and Verizon.

Sounds like your most of the way there… wherever there is. We always want more…

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