What is the throughput in the dashboard?

I have recently configured a Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 device that is running firmware version 8.0.0 build 1429.

On the dasboard of the device, it displays the throughput for the device. It is unclear what throughput is being measured?

  • What is the throughput intended to measure?
  • What purpose does it meet?
  • If it’s an aggregated measurement of LAN and WAN traffic, can this be broken down further? If yes, how?

Measures live throughput between WAN and LAN - gives a quick glance view as to how busy the router is.

Status > Client list shows live bandwidth usage per LAN client.
Status > Usage Reports | Real-Time shows bandwidth per WAN.

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Thanks Martin. Aren’t bandwidth and throughput distinct measures i.e. the consumption of bandwidth is not the throughput at which it is being processed?

No idea what you are tying to say here. The dashboard shows how much data is currently passing between LAN and WAN and is a point in time measurement - so is an indicator of point in time throughput.

It is not a measure of the total available bandwidth.

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I was referring to the use of the term bandwidth and throughput. I am attempting to clarify if throughput and the consumption of bandwidth are synonymous.

Yes they are synonymic.

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