What is the Signal Profile for AP One AC Mini?

Looking to cover a 4,750 SQ foot residential space that is 50’W x 96’L x 10’H. Are these wall mount only or can they be mounted on the ceiling or above the ceiling (drywall - out of sight)? I’d prefer ceiling mount if possible and out of site would be ideal.

Anyone have a diagram of the signal profile and/or recommended ranges?


Hi @Darold_Anderson,

These APs can be wall or ceiling mounted. You can also mount them above the ceiling but that’s not recommended since you’ll be hindering signal propagation by doing so. It is usually best to mount APs on the ceiling.

With regards to signal profiles, I think you mean radiation patterns. If that’s the case this is something that needs to be provided by the manufacturer but Peplink hasn’t made that information public as far as I know.

Although some vendors list “range” values for some of their products, those mean nothing and are only there to take advantage of people’s misconceptions about wireless networking. That’s because range isn’t a feature or characteristic of an AP or radio but a function of several variables like the environment, configurations, and the specific client device in question.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Omar, so you have experience ceiling mounting these and it worked well? What sq/ft per AP did you find worked well for you?

it would be nice if the vendor provided a “baseline” radiation pattern of the antenna array so you know how the dispersion will be affected between wall and ceiling mount and how far you expect it to go in ideal conditions so you can assess, using your own maps, how may AP’s one would need, and where they should be located for optimum coverage. Yes there are a lot of variables, but without knowing how the antenna array is designed, you’re really throwing darts in the dark design-wise.

@Darold_Anderson, I sent you the Radiation Pattern for AP One AC Mini.

@OmarVR, thanks for pointing out this. I will follow up with marketing team on the radiation pattern.

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I am here after looking for the radiation pattern in the data sheet and manual.

Will you please send to me as well?


Here you go.

radiation_patterns_apo_ac_mini.pdf (198.4 KB)